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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Buffalo Bop & Collector releases

According to Terry Gordon, the famous reissue label Buffalo Bop released new CDs with obscure rockabilly and rock & roll tracks. Buffalo Bop is associated with Dee-Jay Jamboree Records from Germany and continued the Bison Bop label that issued the Bison Bop LPs, later known as "Buffalo Bop - the Bop That Never Stop".

New Buffalo Bop releases:

1. BB 55191: Play It Cool
2. BB 55192: Desperate Dolls
3. BB 55193: Wicked
4. BB 55194: Rock Choo-Choo Roll
5. BB 55195: Rockabilly Hicks

Note that the label's website is inactive, so these new CDs aren't listed there.

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