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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fiddlin' John Carson day

Fiddlin' John Carson - what else is to say to this artist? In the country and folk/old-time music field he's widely popular for being the first recorded country artist, even if this is wrong. The first artist to record old-time tunes was Don Richardson during the years 1914-1919, then came Eck Roberston & Henry Gilliland and THEN came Carson. However, the stories behind his first recording session in June 1923 are different. Ralph Peer came to Atlanta in 1923 to record local artists (mostly black "race" music) but there were only few to record at that time. Peer, who didn't want to go back to New York without having cut some sides, let Fiddlin' John Carson play his "Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane" and recorded it. Other say, Polk Brockman, a furniture store owner, suggested to Peer to record Carson. Don't know which is right, but what I know is that Peer wasn't much impressed by Carson and pressed only 500 copies, which were sold out at Brockman's store soon after. Not till then, Peer realized what a big potential old-time music had.

Here are some tunes, more to come later.

1. Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
2. Goin' Where the Climate Suits My Clothes (maybe an "Lonesome Road Blues"/"Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad" rendition?)
3. Papa's Billy Goat


Jay said...

I'm really glad ya posted these tracks! It might be easier next time to post 'em as downloads, however you can still use Audacity to record 'em. When I saw Doc Watson play at a theater up in the mountains last year, he spoke briefly about Fiddlin' John Cason & played "Little Log Cabin In The Lane". After that I always wondered who he was & if it was possible to find any of his music. Thanks so much!

Mellow said...


you can also click left on the songs and then go on "save target as...". then you can download 'em as mp3 files.

Thanks for the kind words,

the family cat said...

This is fime music and Moonshine Kate must have been the first Hot Boppin' Girl.
Now how about JIM GREER & the MACOCHEE VALLEY FOLKS-3 LPs on Rural Rhythm