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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cowtown Jubilee story

There was another barn dance stage show in Kansas City:

KCMO's answer to the "Brush Creek Follies" was the "Cowtown Jubilee", starting in 1950. At that time, the Follies were still very popular. KCMO was a 50.000 watt station out of Kansas City and held its Jubilee every Saturday night at the Ivanhoe Temple, which was previously the home of the KCMO Follies. Every show was more than four hours long, but I guess not the whole show was broadcasted over the radio.

The emcee of the show was Dal Stallard along with Hoby Shepp, who also led the Cowtown Wranglers, the house band of the Jubilee. Other regulars on the show were Jimmy Dallas, Milt Dickey, the Sons of the Golden West, Balin' Wire Bob Strack and others. The show wasn't as popular as the Follies ten years before that, but seems to be successful enough to be on the air for more than five years. I found articles indicating that the show was still on the air in 1955, but I don't know when it was turned down.

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