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Friday, October 9, 2009

Benny de Weille on Philips

A 45 by the Geman/Dutch orchestra leader Benny de Weille (1915-1977), who had some success as a big band leader during the 1940s and 1950s in Germany. His influences were such jazz stars as Bennie Goodman and others. This one comes from the period of 1954-1956, when Bill Haley hit with "Rock Around the Clock" in Germany. Both sides are medleys with hits of the day. I post this primarily because of de Weille's interesting version of "Rock Around the Clock". Hope you also like the other songs. I apologize again for the bad sound quality.


A side "Wie's euch gefällt - Potpourri, Teil 1":
1. Eine Kutsche voller Mädels
2. Minne-Minnehaha
3. Rock Around the Clock

B side "Wie's euch gefällt - Potpourri, Teil 2":
1. In Hamburg sind die Nächte lang
2. Auf meinem Konto steht das Komma zu weit links
3. Tiritomba


mar-abunta said...

Thanks neighbour!

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Anonymous said...

Wundervoll - thanks so much! - hootsmon