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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moonshine Kate day

Ever heard of Moonshine Kate? Well, this woman (who did not sing very will IMO, by the way) was the daughter of the famed Georgian Fiddlin' John Carson, who recorded first in 1923 for OKeh. Moonshine Kate herself was born on October 10, 1909, in Atlanta as Rosa Lee Carson. With 14, she played guitar and had her first radio appereances on WSB with her fathers. She accompanied him on many of his sides for Okeh during the 1920s and made her first solo recordings in 1925, also for Okeh. The name "Moonshine Kate" came from two songs of Fiddlin' John. Two of her more famous songs are "My Man's a Jolly Railroad Man" and the murder ballad "Little Maggy Pharen". Although Moonshine Kate kept on recording solo, with her father and touring across the country, the succesful years were over. She married in 1944, raising a family the rest of his life. She died in 1992. Moonshine kate was, along with her father, the first artist to be inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame.
Could only find this one:


Anonymous said...

I realy enjoy your blog and look forward to the artist of the day.
It is neat to learn about the artist of this era. Thanks

the family cat said...

Some blog somewhere put up the Fiddlin' John Carson Collection Vol 6 or something and Rosa Lee Carson was all over it.Pity the rest never followed instead of endless Bob Wills