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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jim McDonald story

I don't know much about him, but since he was an important part in the Kansas City scene, I have to mention him as well:

Jim McDonald was a record label owner and artist himself, recording some good rockabilly. He first appeared on the scene in 1957 as "Tennessee Jim", recording on the Choice label "Hold Me Tight" b/w "My Baby She's Rockin'". By 1958, McDonald and label buddy Cliff Shepherd left Choice to form their own label, KCM Records (KCM = Kansas City Musicians). On this label, McDonald had another release called "Let's Have a Ball" b/w "My Hearts Need Breakin". The first one in particular is a master piece of rockabilly, but enjoyed only little success in KC, due to the bad distribution and promotion.

However, McDonald was also involved with other country/rockabilly groups in Kansas City. He was a part of Conny & the Bellhops, a group that recorded one single on R Records, and also played with the Strangers.

1957: Hold Me Tight / My Baby, She's Rockin' (Choice 45-852)
1958: Let's Have a Ball / My Heart Needs Breakin' (KCM 45-3700)

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