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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mike Seeger & Bill Reid RIP

This week, we have to grieve for to Old-Time/Bluegrass musicians: the famous Mike Seeger and the more unknown bluegrass DJ Bill Reid.

Mike Seeger passed away on August 7, after a battle with cancer. Seeger was the half-brother of Pete Seeger and formed the old-time band "New Lost City Ramblers" in 1958, playing the traditional mountain and folk music of the 1920s. The group achieved some success in the 1960s during the folk revival. Seeger was one of the most famous and authentic folk musicians.

Bill Reid died on August 9, at the age of 88. He is considered to be one of the earliest bluegrass artists and recorded with such artists as Curly Lambert and Benny Martin. He started his career in 1945 with Bill & Mary Reid and the Melody Mountaineers, but split up with them in 1959. He then went on to became a succesful bluegrass DJ. Read the full article at hillbilly-music.com.


Red Neckerson said...

Too Often Carson is forgotten from the history of country music. His career covering nearly five decades is remarkable. His patriotic songs of WWII were standards of their times even though under today's terms would be unacceptable. Even in the twilight of his career Carson continued to reinvent himself trying a hand at Rockabilly with Rockin With Grandma. What a Hoot!! Thanks

Mellow said...

I agree Red, but this is the wrong post! :-)