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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Don Richardson day

Well, you may wonder who Don Richardson is and what the heck he does on this blog. Well, he was the first to record old-time music - yes, no Eck Robertson and no Fiddlin' John Carson. Although Richardson (1878-1953) was a classic violinist and not a rural mountain fiddler, he recorded various old-time tunes such as "Arkansas Traveler", "Mississippi Sawyer" or "Soldier's Joy". After moving to New York City in 1910, Richardson recorded for Victor, Edison, Columbia, Pathé and Gennett. Between 1914 and 1919, he waxed several old-time songs, but always came back to classic. He later returned to his hometown Charlotte, NC, where he died in 1953. Although Richardson was the first to record old-time songs, he is commonly unknown to today's public and isn't even mentioned in any books or encyclopedias. Even Tony Russell's "Country Music Records" doens't list him.

Here are three of Richardsons old-time recordings:

1. Mississippi Sawyer
2. Arkansas Traveler
3. Durangs Hornpipe with Little Brown Jug
4. Old Zip Coon

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