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Monday, August 24, 2009

Curley Jim Morrison set

I hope you weren't bored without my posts last week! However, I finally come along with my announced post of Curley Jim songs. Curley Jim Morrison was a country singer before 1958 (or even 1956), but was forced to go with the tastes of the record buying public and switched to high energy rockabilly and rock & roll. His first rockin' record came out in 1958 on the small Metro label, constisting of "Rock and Roll Itch" and "Airforce Blues". His single was the only record that was issued on Metro, because it was shot down soon after. Morrison then re-cut the single for Henry Stone's Mida label and had another release the next year called "Sloppy Sloppy Suzie" on Mida, another excellent rocker that was dominated by the band's guitarist - a terrific solo! Morrison again appeared in 1963, when he set up his own record label Curley Q, issuing his country/rockabilly sides on it. As he's a "obscury", I don't know what happened to him, but I guess he's already dead now.


Here are some of his songs I collected:

1. Aiforce Blues
2. My Old Standby
3. Rock and Roll Itch (Metro)
4. Rock and Roll Itch (Mida)
5. Sloppy Sloppy Suzie
6. The Used Car Blues

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