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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Billy Lee Riley tribute show

Since Red Neckerson sent me the picture above some days ago, I was always thinking about how famous and popular Billy Lee Riley was in the rockabilly music scene, but also outside of it. This poster announces a tribute show to Riley on August 30 in Newport, Arkansas.

The line-up for this show ist just amazing, old rockabilly legends as well as new top artists will pay tribute to one of the last rockabilly legends. Sonny Burgess & the Pacers will appear along with former Johnny Cash drummer W.S. Holland and band and, another Sun (or: Phillips Int.) artist, Carl Mann. Other 'legends' will be Larry Donn, Dale Hawkins, Jimmy Van Eaton (Riley's long-time drummer and staff drummer for Sun) and Smoochy Smith, also known for his piano work with Riley and other Sun artists like Kenny Parchman.

I hope (and I'm quite sure) that this concert will remember Billy Lee Riley as it should be. I would be there, but Arkansas's far far away...


1verycoolguy said...

I was never into Billy Lee Riley. In fact I never heard of him until a couple of years ago. Now I try to find all that I can by him. Yes, he will be missed by many. Keep up your good work.

rascuachero54 said...

It's going to be a hell of a show, only two and a half hours from my home and due to a set of unforeseen circumstances, I won't be able to make it, and I was so looking forward to interviewing Larry Donn. Hurts.