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Monday, July 13, 2009

Country Gold Vol 17 - Part Two

Here comes the second disc with other greats. Note that the back cover lists a duet of Ed Bruce and Lynn Anderson on "If It Was Easy", but there's no duet - Bruce is singing solo. The singer on Waylon Jennings' "Lorena" is Jerry Gropp, the guitarist of Jennings' back-up band at that time, the Waylors. The track was featured on their first album "Waylon Jennings at JD's" from 1964. Other notable songs on this disc are Jimmy Dean's live version of the Merle Travis associated song "Nine Pound Hammer", Johnny Cash's cover of the old Hank Williams tune "I Could Never Be Ashamed of You", Bill Monroe's "Shady Grove", Merle Haggard with the rock'n'roll styled "If You Want to Be My Woman" (would like to know the recording date!) and finally Burl Ives with "Roll Up Some Inspiration". Have fun with this!


track list:
1. Jim Reeves - If You Were Mine (live)
2. Jimmy Dean - Nine Pound Hammer (live)
3. Johnny Cash - I Could Never Be Ashamed of You
4. Johnny Lee - Dear Alice
5. Patsy Cline - If I Could See The World
6. Waylon Jennings - Jolé Blon
7. Johnny Paycheck - Keeping Up with the Jones
8. Burl Ives - Real Roses
9. Bill Monroe - Shady Grove (live)
10. Ed Bruce [& Lynn Anderson (!)] - If It Was Easy (live)
11. Jim Reeves - Just Call Me Lonesome
12. Kenny Rogers - Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town
13. Merle Haggard - If You Want To Be My Woman (live)
14. Patsy Cline - In Care of the Blues
15. Johnny Lee - Frisco
16. Johnny Cash - I Forgot to Remember to Forget Her
17. Jimmy Dean - One Last Time
18. Kenny Rogers - Molly
19. Waylon Jennings - Lorena
20. Burl Ives - Roll Up Some Inspiration (live)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this haven't checked it out yet but it looks interesting and I am always pleased to get Johnny Paychecks's Little Darlin' tracks.