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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Johnny One-Note is Gone

I just learned that Johnny One-Note, of the Johnny One-Note's Earcandie blog, gave up his blog and shot it down. You can read a message of him at Red Neckerson's Radio Round-Up. It's sad to hear that bloggers do not have the motivation, because the visitors don't recognize the work. YOU are the visitors, and the bloggers do this job for YOU. We want to provide you with great music, info or whatever. But you don't even leave a comment. That's sad, but true. The day fater Johnny's 1-day offline action, I received more comments than in a whole week. But now, it's the same matter...

Johnny, I wish you all the best and thank you very much for your great work!


Red Neckerson said...

So Long Johnny and Thanks! Thank you Mellow for all your efforts!! You have a great blog that helps blow my music budget every month!

Johnny One-Note said...

Hi Mellow,

Many thanks for your nice comments.

I wish you all the best with your blog. Needless to say that I'll stop by every now and than.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he shut it down - maybe now I'll have time to listen to some of the music I downloaded.

LostinAustin said...

I for one am sick of his constant bitching and self-agrandizement, bragging one minute about all the hits his page got and then turning around and whining nobody posted a thank you.

I looked at his blog regularly, but I never snagged a download there.

How can he piss and moan about everyone who scans his site that doesn't stroke his ever morphing ego is beyond me.

Music blogging shouldn't be about the blogger or the guy who checks it out. It should be about the tunes.

Get over it Johnny, this is the Internet, not Grandma's Pie Shop!

JohnnyNonymous said...

Here here LostinAustin. I agree 100%

Mellow said...

Johnny Nonymous, LostinAustin,

I just consider Johnny's point of view a bit strange. You're right, we blog for the music, not for us or anybody else. But put yourself in Johnny's position: you upload every day many disc and you see that there are thousands of vistors every day, but you get only one or two little notes of 'thanks', most from collegue-bloggers. This would not motivate you very much! And I know what I'm talking about. I have only a little blog, posting info and some music and I don't expect many comments, but if you rip the discs, upload them, compile the self-made stuff, write the liner notes, create the covers and search for the info and the mzuisc itself - you wouldn't be sad about one or two nice comments.

I know, Johnny's point of view perhaps seems strange or whatever to you, but he did a great jop providing us with many nice discs and I think we shoudl recognize that. If you don't like his decision, go along and let it be. Start your own blog or what the heck you want to do. That's my opinion.

Good evening folks,

LostinAustin said...


Hey I get it what you're saying, but the thing is WHY do we blog?

If we spend all that time doing all that hard work just to up the stuff into the realm of cyber dumpster diving, where ANYBODY can come, snag our uploads, copy our images and text and even our code without so much as a "wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'am", what can we rationally, logically and sensibly expect? Duh!

I have a couple blogs. One is a rant blog where I have no friends and no followers. I don't want them, nor do I want their comments.

It's MY 'space' so to speak and my nickel. Same with the music blog I have. I up a few things for the intenet purposes of demoing that music to folks I meet along the way.

It's MY way of turning them on to what I like without having to copy a dsic, and then mail it.

If someone comes along and finds the blog and dll's some tunage, so be it. They don't need to thank me, cause frankly I don't need my ego stroked.

My blog is not about me or how many hits (I don't even have a counter! don't want one!) or how many people kissed my ass that day by leaving some insincere condescending 'thank you'!

My motivation is the MUSIC I LOVE and the good feeling I get by sharing it with a few.

It's better to give that to receive!

I also try to promote the artists by helping folks locate real copies to purchase.

Why would anyone settle on a 128kb download or one that's ripped in an ultra lossey .wma like a lot I heard about on another forum that came from Johnny's much lauded blogzone?

To me that's just a way to demo a tune for those who will actually plop down hard earned cashola for music they like. It's what I do!

All in all the best way to not be disapointed in this life is to not have lofty expectations of other humans.

Johnny's mad and hurt because he set himself up for just those things.

I open doors for women, kids and old people - and I am an old people! I have done it all my life. 90% of the people you do that for don't say a damn word. I don't do it to be told how nice I am or even thanks.

I know in my heart it's the RIGHT thing to do regardless of whether they acknowledge it or me. I don't do it for them - I do it because it's what is supposed to be done by EVERYONE. I make a choice to do it expecting zip!

Bottom line if you're gonna blog music on a free blog don't take people hostage you your own adolescent insecurities - GROW UP!

Mellow said...

That's your opinion. We could discuss this subject till we're old and grey.. this were my last words.


zlong said...

I'm brand new to music blogging, and I never realized how important it was to bloggers to have the little notes of acknowledgement. This incident has helped me to understand their point of view, and I now try to post quite often. Regrettably, I uploaded music off of Johnny's website without posting. As I said, I didn't even notice the "comments" link, let alone understand a bloggers perspective. If Johnny sees this, I'd like to thank him now for the time he put into uploading good music for so many people, of which, I am one.

the family cat said...

J1Note has given blogging a bad name but who cares about his opinions.He took down his blog and all the words of praise people sent.
You're supposed to thank people?How then do you thank somebody on a foreign blog where everythings in Japanese?
We now have Rockabilly Ranch where everything he did is on there.Plus a mass of high school pop which is more interesting to me than yet another 9 CD Roy Acuff's Greatest Hits set.
I have a Yahoo Group called High School Pop which has a load of downloads mainly of Pixie Girls found on earlier blogs years ago but no words of thanks or praise.All you hope is that somebody may share your tastes.I'm satisfied that my favorite singer discovered me on the web-GINNY WRIGHT-now my penfriend and best friend.Yes JINote added her Bear Family CD on there and I told her about it-now its gone but the same labels Neil Sedaka set is now on Rockabilly Ranch
The trouble with JINOte is he was only one of many doing the same thing.Nobody else expected thanks.No big deal though I would have made him blogger of the year if he'd sent in Kelly Sims or Jan Bradley
How many times are you supposed to say it anyway?
Clicking on the ads is the thanks because the blogger gets 10 dollars each time they are clicked.
What he didn't realise was that somebody might have been bloody minded enough to shop him to the RIAA as uploading current Ace and Bear Family product is a little close to the bone.I mean note how much Cherry Red product is on there because THEY found out
Perhaps now Johnny One Note will just be the name of a Brenda Lee song