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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gene Autry day

Gene Autry is most famous for his movie work as the "Singing Cowboy" and his western music recordings he made from the mid-thirties to the 1950s. But prior to that, Autry recorded some Jimmie Rodgers styled songs for RCA Victor and the American Record Company group. Born 1907 in Texas, Autry travelled to New York City hoping to get a recording contract in 1929. After Autry cut some sides for RCA Victor, he went to ARC where he had his first hit with Jimmie Long called "Silver Haired Daddy of Mine" (1932). It was the time when every record company wanted to have 'their blue yodeler' and ARC found them in Autry among others like Cliff Carlisle. "Frankie and Johnny", featured here, was recorded by Autry on December 3, 1929, in New York and featured only Autry's singing and guitar. The song was released on several ARC labels. "Girl I Left Behind Me" was cut on June 5, 1930, in Richmond, Indiana, and was released on Suptertone Records.

1. Frankie and Johnny
2. Girl I Left Behind Me


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Gene Autry, he's the best!!

Red Neckerson said...

Gene's earliest recordings had sound that was a dead ringer for Jimmie Rodgers. It is sometimes difficult to tell them apart. Gene during his singing cowboys days is always fun to hear! Thanks Mellow!!

Anonymous said...

Paul si sinorina from Czech rep.14.10.09 I have several CD and 1 LP (made in Italy), after this years, hearing Gene Autry on the radio ,BBC World give some song about the frog. I buy CD for children , I am very proud of his succes, for western and children. Thank you.