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Monday, June 15, 2009

20 Rockabilly Classics

Another self-made comp - my first "low budget" disc. Contains classic rockabilly tracks from 1955 and 1956. Not for collectors! If you didn't hear rockabilly in your life before, this is the disc for you! This time no liner notes, I think there's enough written about these guys and gals.


track listing:
1. Elvis Presley - Baby, Let's Play House
2. Eddie Bond - Rockin' Daddy
3. Janis Martin - Drugstore Rock'n'Roll
4. Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes
5. Gene Vincent - Be-Bop-a-Lula
6. Andy Starr - Rockin' Rollin' Stone
7. Curtis Gordon - Draggin'
8. Charlie Feathers - One Hand Loose
9. Billy Lee Riley - Rock With Me Baby
10. Skeets McDonald - You Oughta See Grandma Rock
11. Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm
12. Elvis Presley - Mystery Train
13. Johnny Carroll - Hot Rock
14. Roy Orbison - Ooby Dooby
15. Johnny Burnette Trio - Train Kept a-Rollin'
16. Mac Curtis - If I Had Me a Woman
17. Warren Smith - Rock'n'Roll Ruby
18. Don Woody - Bird Dog
19. Sanford Clark - The Fool
20. Sonny Burgess - We Wanna Boogie


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Compilation!!!
For A CD Jukebox Every CD May Have 25 Tracks !!!
Thank You

Anonymous said...

great Rockabilly compilation thanks for the hard work

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Great collection and great quality.