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Monday, May 18, 2009

Rockabilly Stars, Volume 1

One of the worst rockabilly comps I ever saw. The first track is a live straight country music recording (an opening tune for the Town Hall Party) and then there are some original rockabilly songs from the fifties or early sixties. But the second half of the disc contains only 1970s and 1980s re-recordings from such artists as Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Mac Curtis. Not the best IMO. By the way: it's Carl Perkins on the front cover with Jay and Clayton Perkins (guitar and bass) and W.S. Holland (drums). See also RCS for "rockabilly or not rockabilly ratings" of the songs.


track listing:
1. Town Hall Party Gang - Wait For the Light To Shine
2. Everly Brothers - The Sun Keeps Shining
3. Little Jimmy Dickens - Rock Me
4. Marty Robbins - That's Alright
5. Johnny Horton - Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
6. Collins Kids - Party
7. Billy Brown - Did We Have a Party
8. Carl Perkins - Pink Pedal Pushers
9. Carl Perkins - Pointed Toe Shoes
10. Link Wray - Mary Ann
11. Link Wray - Raw-Hide
12. Ersel Hickey - Bluebirds Over the Mountain
13. Carl Smith - Cut Across Shorty
14. Scotty Moore - Milk Cow Blues (instrumental)
15. Bob Luman - Mystery Train
16. Mac Curtis - Honey Don't
17. Carl Perkins - State of Confusion
18. Johnny Cash - I Will Rock and Roll with You
19. Carl Perkins - Sorry Charlie
20. Allan Rich - Break Up
21. Mickey Gilley - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
22. Charlie Rich - Big Boss Man
23. Charlie Rich - No Headstone on my Grave
24. Charlie Rich - I Feel Like Goin' Home


iggy said...

You know, my friend, the reason that this album became a rare treasure was the version of "Feel Like Going Home" by Charlie Rich that ends the record. It was not released until very recently, and it is one of the most soulful records ever made. Pete Guralnick described it as Rich's tribute to Richard Nixon. And it it. Thanks so much,


l.sasha said...

And exactly Track 24 "Feel Like Going Home" is corrupt :(

Anonymous said...

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