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Monday, May 4, 2009

Sun Rocking Years III

I picked up this wonderful self-made comp somwhere on the net. Can't find the link anymore, but this is great music by Sun recording artists Kenny Parchman, Luke McDaniel (aka Jeff Daniels), Harold Jenkins (aka Conway Twitty), Mack Self and Jimmy Williams. Highlights are "Treat Me Right" and "What's The Reason" (a duet with his brother) by Kenny Parchman and "Huh Babe" by Luke McDaniel.


track listing:
01. Kenny Parchman - Tennessee Zip.mp3
02. Kenny Parchman - I Feel Like Rockin'.mp3
03. Kenny Parchman - Love Crazy Baby.mp3
04. Kenny Parchman - Treat Me Right.mp3
05. Kenny Parchman - Get It Off Your Mind.mp3
06. Kenny Parchman - What's The Reason.mp3
07. Kenny Parchman - You Call Everybody Darlin'.mp3
08. Luke McDaniel - Go Ahead Baby.mp3
09. Luke McDaniel - Huh Babe.mp3
10. Luke McDaniel - High High High.mp3
11. Luke McDaniel - My Baby Dont Rock.mp3
12. Luke McDaniel - That's What I Tell My Heart.mp3
13. Harold Jenkins (aka Conway Twitty) - Born To Sing The Blues.mp3
14. Harold Jenkins (aka Conway Twitty) - I Need Your Lovin' Kiss.mp3
15. Mack Self - Goin' Crazy.mp3
16. Mack Self - Mad At You.mp3
17. Jimmy Williams - Good Lookin' Woman.mp3
18. Jimmy Williams - Rock-A-Bye Baby.mp3
19. Jimmy Williams - Sweet Rockin' Mama.mp3
20. Jimmy Williams - Sonny Boy.mp3
21. Jimmy Williams - Fire Engine Red.mp3
22. Jimmy Williams - Tomorrow.mp3
23. Jimmy Williams - Please Don't Cry Over Me.mp3
24. Jimmy Williams - That Depends On You.mp3
25. Jimmy Williams - All I Want Is You.mp3
26. Jimmy Williams - My One Desire.mp3


Anonymous said...

something new for me although i never heard this disk i appreciate the music thanks hew

Anonymous said...

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