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Monday, May 11, 2009

Greenback Dollar

Finally, my first home-brew comp is here! I noticed that that there is no disc featuring all of Ray Harris' Sun recordings, so I put together one on my own. It includes all tracks Harris cut in the Sun Studio between 1956 - 1958, including alternative takes and also three songs by Wayne Cogswell, Harris' guitarist.


track listing:
1. Come On Little Mama
2. Where'd You Stay Last Nite
3. Greenback Dollar, Watch and Chain
4. Foolish Heart
5. Come On Little Mama
6. Greenback Dollar, Watch and Chain
7. Lonely Wolf
8. Love Dumb Baby
9. I'm Winning Now
10. Point of View
11. My Love Song
12. What Will I Do


Uncle Gil said...

Well done! I hope that it'll be the first of a long series!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, good work


oldrockboy said...

After a long searching I found in my collection the "Wayne Cogswell" tracks, but "My Love Song" and "Point Of View" is from Wayne Powers. According to http://www.rockabilly.nl/artists/rharris.htm and http://www.imeem.com/people/oZBxvF4 Wayne Powers was Wayne Cogswell's stage name. RCS (Rockin' Country Style) doesn't associate them. I don't know this before.


Mellow said...


If you read my liner notes I made to the disc, you will read that Cosgwell took the name of "Wayne Powers" for stage shows around 1954, when he moved to Memphis. He later recorded unter that name and wrote songs under this pseudonym. He also wrote songs as "Winston Cogswill". I think RCS doesn't list him, because his tracks aren't rockabilly or any other "country and western rock'n'roll" record, more a mixture between pop and mainstream rock'n'roll.


oldrockboy said...

Unfortunately it's difficult to read for me these photos - no problem, it was only a little search. Both Wayne Cogswell, both Wayne Powers is in RCS, Cogswell with "What Will I Do" (unissued)on Sun Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3. I like it, it's a very good slow rock 'n' roll, I think.

Mark said...

Nice job! Sounded good and nice to have them all in one place. I have them scattered about on comps also.

snorrevonflake said...

Thank you! i really love Ray harris and never heard the tracks of his guitar player before.

sixstringoutlaw said...

It's often so hard to piece together all the Sun sides for artists who aren't the Million Dollar Quartet (which Bear Family and RCA have done for us)

Thanks for this. I hear you about posting, and know I've enjoyed more posts than I've commented on, but will try to do better in the future of saying thanks!

I especially appreciate your news alerts!