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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doc Walsh day

Born in 1901, Doc Walsh should have been a bigger name in old-timey, but somehow, he remained somewhat of an obscure figure in country music history. In 1925, he recorded his first sides for Columbia Records in Atlanta, Georgia. After that, he met banjoist and guitarist Clarence Ashley. With Ashley and Gwen Foster, the "harmonica wizzard", he formed the Carolina Tar Heels. Under this name, the group recorded in several line-ups for RCA Victor til 1930.
Walsh's last records were made around 1932 with Gwen Foster. During the folk revival, he gained little fame among the young folk music fans, but died in 1967. Although he is not considered as an influential artist, he played the three-finger style on banjo, which was later used by Earl Scruggs and Don Reno for the bluegrass music.

Today, I have uploaded some of his tunes. I'm sorry for the poor sound quality, but the songs were ripped from original 78s. But somehow, it sounds more authentic...



1. I'm Going Back to Jericho
2. We Courted In The Rain
3. We're Just Plain Folks
4. In The Pines
5. Precious Sweetheart from Me Is Gone

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. it wakes up my ears.