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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dixon Brothers day

The Dixon Brothers consisted of Dorsey and Howard Dixon, two talented guitarists. They came from the rural South Carolina areas, where they worked in the mills of Lancaster and Darlington. But in the 30s, they quit their jobs to try a career in music. In 1936, the Dixons held their first recording session and in the following years recorded more old-time material. Although their sessions took place during the development of honky tonk, western swing and bluegrass, their cuts were simple and classic "mountain music" with a rural charm. When the contract with Victor ended, the brothers retired from music. Howard died in 1961, but the next year, Dorsey did some new recordings and personal appearances. He died in 1968.

Here are three of their tunes. Prayers from Hell also include a couple of their songs.

1. Beyond Black Smoke
2. Fisherman's Luck
3. Wonderful Day

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