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Monday, May 25, 2009

De Electronica's

The Electronicas (original: De Electronica's) was a Dutch polka band. Last week I was huntin' for something different to post here and I found some tunes of this band, which hit big with "Dance Little Birdie" (in Germany, we call it "Ententanz") in 1981 or so in nearly every european country. The song was written by a Swiss composer and recorded by the modern polka group I mentioned above (and pictured above). I know, this is something very different from my usual posts 'bout down south rural music, but I gotta post it here, because this music makes me dance! Hope you like it!


Track listing:
1. Dance Little Birdie (Ententanz)
2. Dans Van De Robot (in English: The Robot's Dance)
3. De Poesjes Dans
4. Immer Lustig
5. Kietel Polka

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Paul si sinorina from Czech rep.10.6.09 This is The Bird Dance /tzv.PTAČ'I TANEC in that country/. The Big hit 1982,83,84 when I was in the radio station. And my daugter was three and dance on this one. Very good my dear friend.