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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleepy LaBeef - Roots

I was very surprised but happy, though, when I discovered that ol' Sleepy had recorded his latest album. The human jukebox, as LaBeef is called often, issued his last record four years ago. But this time, he did not cut the songs in his typical rockabilly style, but more with acoustic instruments and slower tracks. "Roots" is an album with songs that influenced and inspired LaBeef. His voice is as deep and good as it could be and songs like "Cotton Fields", "Amazing Grace" or "In The Pines" suits him very well. Highly recommended!


"Country Dave" Peters said...

Great post! Not many people know about this album yet. I think you can only get it online (I don't believe it's in stores yet) or as a digital download from Amazon etc. It's a fine album, that really showcases Sleepy's voice and - at 70+ - shows that the legend remains at the top of his game. It really is a return to Sleepy's "Roots" - these were all songs that his mom taught him way back in the day. I get the feeling that - after years in the 'desert' (as it were) - Mr. LaBeef has finally hooked up with a record label that understands him & is interested in more than getting him to knock out rehashes of rockabilly standards. Five stars!!

I got mine here:


Thanks for your efforts with this way cool blog!

Mellow said...

I agree - this is one of LaBeef's best record, apart from his original 1950s rockabilly songs. I hope the disc is in stores soon to get a copy of it. I like downloads, but to have an original copy of a record is even better!