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Monday, April 6, 2009

Real Tennessee Rockabilly from White Label. Features Joe Griffith (pictured on front cover), Red Rolison, Charlie Roach and others. The Red Rolison tracks seem to be live recordings, maybe made in 1954 or 1954 during one of Rolison's appearances at a local venue.

Finally, a big THANKS goes to Uncle Gil, who uploaded all the good White Label stuff and posted it on his blog some time ago. I was a bit disappointed that only a few folks said if they want to get my home-brew comps or not. I think there're a lot more visitors, but somehow, they did not take part. Five people want my comps, four not, so what shall I do? I decided to post only one of my self-made disc next monday and then I'm going to continue posting originals. If reception is good, I maybe upload another self-made disc.

However, have fun with this out-of-print LP, unfortunately, there is no back cover, again. Here are the tracks:
1. Joe Griffith - Walk, Spin, Shake and Rock
2. Joe Griffith - She's My Woman
3. Joe Griffith - Big Sandy
4. Joe Grifith - Little Hilda
5. Joe Griffith - Crazy Sack
6. Joe Griffith - Annabelle Lee
7. The Tennessee Drifters - The Drifter
8. Red Rolison - If You Ain't Lovin'
9. Red Rolison - Good Rockin' Tonight
10. Charles Moore - Up and Down That Road Before
11. Charlie Roach - Three Way Boogie
12. Red Rolison - Blue Moon of Kentucky
13. Red Rolison - Gonna Roll and Rock



Anonymous said...


These White Label LP's are great.
Any more available?

Many thanks

Mellow said...


go to Uncle Gil's blog, he has a collection of White Label and Bison Bop LPs there: http://unclegil.blogspot.com/search?q=White+Label