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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fergus Buckner Show

Have you ever heard of the Fergus Buckner Show? No? Well, that's no problem. I would have not heard of it, too, if I did not play a video game called "Grand Theft Auto" (GTA). But we don't care about the game, right? Let's see what the Fergus Buckner show is all about.

It's a fictious radio show, that is playing only one song: "The Ballad of Chapped Lips Calhoun" by Sideways Hank O'Malley and the Alabama Bottle Boys. Kinda long name for a band, but the song is great. One of my all-time favorite classic country songs. The group is something of a mystery to me. The band was founded in the 1960s and had its first TV appearance in 1969. But shortly afterwards, the Alabama Bottle Boys split up. Band leader Drew Larg formed the Buzzards. In 1997, the band was re-formed for the GTA game.

Line up:
1. Drew Larg (vocals)
2. John Gurney (drums)
3. Michael James (fiddle)
4. Chris Marra (steel guitar, banjo, guitar)
5. Colin Anderson (bass)

Addition: I found the original lyrics for the song, here they are:
(C. Anderson/B. Baglow)

It was back in 1849,
At the Springfield Golden Nugget Mine,

That my great-grandma Dolores saved the day,
When she propped the shaft and saved the lives,
Of the other forty other Springfield wives,
When all ma grandpa's buddies ran away

The menfolk found their women scary,
Cos they were so big and hairy,
They thought of dynamite to seal them in

Gramps was known as 'Chapped Lips Calhoun',
He was in the local saloon,
In came Billy-Joe Walton through the door,
He said "They're blown the Golden Nugget!"
My grandaddy said "Oh f....darn it!"
"You've buried my Dolores, my sweet little golden 'ore"

Swing it, son

Now my grandaddy jumped up from his table,
Finished his jug,
And he got up to that mine just as lickety-darn-split as he could,
Stopped off to fetch a shovel,
Feed the dogs,
Brush his teeth,
Clean the John and give his hoss one final rubdown

Cos a cowboy's life ain't easy and a cowboy's life is hard,
You can take him from the saddle,
But he'll be forever scarred

Cos my grandpa was a man in love,
Called Dolores his 'prairie dove',
And he told her that he loved her with every sigh

Cos she never once forgave him,
Even underneath the cave-in,
But he knew she would forgive him,
In that goldmine in the sky

Goldmine in the sky

Oh yeah, goin' all the way back there,
That was the Ballad of Chapped Lips Calhoun by the late Sideways Hank O'Malley and the Alabama Bottle Boys,
And you know, that was so good ah reckon ah'll play it again

Download "The Ballad of Chapped Lips Calhoun"

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