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Monday, March 2, 2009

Unknown Rock & Roll

White Label LP 8812 from 1979. The dutch White Label reissues were always one of my favourites since I started to download reissues. Only 1958-1960 rare Country & Western Rock'n'Roll recordings. This is now out-of-print I think, just as all White labels, but I'm not quite sure.

1. Jesse Stevens and the Big Sandy Boys - Mama Mama
2. Jesse Stevens - No Bluebirds In The Sea
3. Jesse Stevens - Go Boy Go
4. Joe Moon and the Stars of Note - Live It Up
5. Joe Moon and the Stars of Note - She's Gone
6. Arvil Meers - The Future I Hold
7. Arvil Meers - Muddy River
8. Clyde Pittman - Tennessee Boogie
9. Boppers and Bop - Ittie Bittie Rock-a-Billy
10. Boppers and Bop - Pull It Man
11. Boppers and Bop - Love Me, Hug Me
12. Tommy Stone - That's All Right, That's What The World Makes Go Round
13. Orville Fox - Honey, You Talk To Much
14. Johnny Eastwood - Let's Do It Again



Arkiver said...

All this White Label stuff is tremendous, thanks once again!

Derik said...

How about a fresh link?