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Monday, March 23, 2009

Rock Originals

Rock Originals - White Label LP. Features good stuff - most notable the strange "Zzzt zzzt Zzzt" by Wink Lewis.

Track listing:
1. Wink Lewis - Zztt Zztt Zztt
2. Charles Senns - Gee Whiz Liz
3. Charles Senns - Dig Me a Crazy Record
4. Don Palmer and the Imperial V - Hey Yea Baby
5. The Nomads - Easy Going
6. Ron Hall - One Malt, Two Straws
7. Kenny Smith - I'm So Lonesome Baby
8. Rod Morris - Alabama Jail House
9. Howie Stange - This Old Bomb of Mine
10. Howie Stange - Real Gone Daddy
11. Johnny Halo - Little Annie
12. Sammy Lara and the Skytones - Silly Sally
13. Johnny Cavalier and his Keynotes - Rock 'n' Roll Chair Rock
14. Johnny Cavalier and his Keynotes - Knock Off the Rock
15. The Satellites - Rockateen
16. The Satellites - Linda Jean
17. The Echomores with Betty Lee - How Does It Feel To Be Lonely


1 comment:

Uncle Gil said...

Glad to see my work, here! You can post my vinyl rips, my cover scans but, please, make your own uploads. Don't leech my links or say thanks!
You are lookin' for the rear cover of the White Label 8804 (Charlie Brown & Mack Banks)? Here it is along with the front.
Enjoy and keep rockin'!