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Monday, March 16, 2009

Rock-a-Billy and Country

Another White Label release from 1978. Here we have Charlie Brown (on the left) and Mack Banks (right) recordings both made in the 1950s. Notable song: Brown's version of the famed "Milkcow Blues Boogie" but, unfortunately, in poor recording quality. Has anybody the back cover from this release? Please tell me!

Track listing:

1. Charlie Brown - Have You Heard The Gossip (alt)
2. Charlie Brown - Mean Mean Mama
3. Charlie Brown - My Hungry Heart
4. Charlie Brown - Boogie Woogie Mama
5. Charlie Brown - Pickin' (instr.)
6. Charlie Brown - Don't Put The Blame On Me (alt)
7. Charlie Brown - Milkcow Blues Boogie
8. Mack Banks - Hound Dog
9. Mack Banks - Be-Boppin' Daddy (alt)
10. Mack Banks - They Don't Come In Droves Like Me
11. Mack Banks - Mack's Boogie
12. Mack Banks - You're So Dumb
13. Mack Banks - They Raided The Joint

Shame on me... forgot the link! Here it is:

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