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Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Bear Family releases

This week, things didn't went their way they used to do. On Monday, my usual LP download post was cancelled due to Hank Locklin's dead. Today, the old-time artist of the day has to get out of Bear Family's way. The Skillet Lickers will visit you tomorrow...

Bear Family announced its new releases for March 2009. Here are new compilations from the category country / rockabilly / rock'n'roll:

1. Bear Family will release two new 180 vinyl LPs containg tracks by Joe Clay and Janis Martins. On both records are twelve classic tracks by Martin or Clay.

2. George Jones comes along with his complete Musicor recordings. Another "Complete Recordings" set by Bear Family, always in high fidelty.

3. Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers are featured this month on the label's "Rock" series with their best teenage doo wop / rock'n'roll recordings.

4. Last but least, Bear Family honores steel guitar player Leon McAullife with a CD called "Tulsa Straight Ahead" containing his hillbilly boogie songs.

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