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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Southern Cannonball is online

My latest project, "Southern Cannonball", went online last sunday, Febuary 22. I am trying to create a database providing information on rockabilly, country music and hillbilly. The site is still under construction, but getting better day to day. And I'm still searching for guys helping me write the articles! If you're interested, please contact me!



the family cat said...

I am an expert on Ginny Wright because she as my penfriend of 5 years standing has made me one.I ring her every day and actually put up her website the first time I stayed with her.
Do NOT use the info on the current Bear Family CD as some of it is WRONG and annoyed her when it came out.Also with errors is the Cattle LP in spite of being by Jack Gale who discovered her.She told me this I didn't know.
The only accurate sleeve notes are the ones on the Bear Family LP.
Ginny needs recognition as a rockabilly singer though she never thought of herself as one.Ginny should be on every Hot Boppin Girls CD as more would know of her this way

Mellow said...

Hello family cat,
would you like to write something about Ginny Wright? I'm interested in knowing more about her rockin' records, 'cause I only knew her as a country singer. You'll find an e-mail adress at the Southern Cannonball page!