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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something about Hoyt Scoggins

Another artist, who is a mystery to rockabilly researchers. Let's read what I've got on him:

Hoyt Scoggins was born in 1927 and recorded his first single for Starday in 1954. His debut record was "Born of the Spirit" b/w "Mother was Good and Faithful", two gospel songs. He worked on WCGA in Calhoun, Georgia, as a deejay and released in 1955 another couple of gospel tunes for Starday, "Trudy" / "Muddy Old River". One year later, he cut together with the Saturday Nite Jamboree Boys his Classic "Tennessee Rock". It was released in June 1956 on Starday with "Why Did We Fall in Love" as flipside. Maybe the Saturday Nite Jamboree Boys were a backing band of a local barn dance show, but that's only a guess. However, "Tennessee Rock" failed the charts and Scoggins returned to gospel. In 1959 and 1960, he released two EPs with Tyrone Scoggins and the Tune Twisters. It's not clear if Tyrone Scoggins was his brothers, his father or even his son. There are also four songs, which status remains also unclear. "The Pathway Is Not Crowded", another gospel outing, was issued on "Hixville - Yes Siree", an reissued-compilation by Jasmin Records. "The Old Chain Gang", "What's The Price (To Set Me Free)" and "What's Gonna Happen To This Old World" were cut for Starday or Starday's sublabel Dixie Records, but they seem to be original unissued. Dutch Collector Records brought them to the light of day on one of their compilations. So, that's all I know about Hoyt Scoggins.

If you've got more informartion on Scoggins, feel free to contact me.

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