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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rockabilly Gold, Vol.5

Features Jimmie Lloyd, L.C. Smith and the Southern Playboys (pictured), Benny Joy, the Phantom and many more unknown artists.

Track listing:
1. Bob Hicks - Rock Baby Rock
2. Little Billy Earl - Whose Baby Are You Baby
3. Marlan Grisham - Ain't That a Dilly
4. L.C. Smith and the Southern Playboys - Radio Boogie
5. Johnny Scoggins, Earl Reed and the Rhythm Rockers - Flatfoot Sam
6. Curley Langley and his Western Allstars - Rockin' and Rollin'
7. Jimmie Lloyd - Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
8. Doug Bragg - Pretty Little Thing
9. Red Moore - Crawdad Song
10. Rikki and the Rikatones - Whiplash
11. Don Feger - Look Out Baby
12. Jimmy Work - Tennessee Border
13. Dwain Bell and the Turner Brothers - Rock'n'Roll on a Saturday Night
14. Jimmy Myers - Go Cat Go
15. Jackie Lowell - Rocket Trip
16. Dell Vaughn - Rock the Universe
17. Jimmy Stewart - Rock on the Moon
18. Bobby McDowell - Lonely
19. The Phantom - Love Me
20. Al Epp and the Pharaoes - Breaking My Heart
21. The High Tomps - Sweet Rockin' Mama
22. The Rebelaires - Alaska Rock
23. The Rhythm Tones - Baby Sue
24. Pete Nantz - Flip, Flop and Fly
25. Bobby Swanson and the Sonics - Rocking Little Eskimo
26. Riley Crabtree - She Loves Me Better
27. Benny Joy - Wild Wild Lover
28. Lonnie Anderkin - Teenage Baby
29. Dale Fraley - Bumble Boogie
30. Harold Shutters and the Rocats - Blues of a Broken Heart



Patsy Spangler Phillips said...

This photo is of Reece Shipley and the Rainboy Valley Boys, not Lc Smith band. Reece Shipley is top left, and my father Tex Spangler is at steel guitar. I have this exact photo in my personal collection. Both Rainbow Valley Boys and the L C Smith band were from Kingsport, Tn. Reece Shipley and band performed "Milk Bucket Boogie" among other recordings.

Patsy Spangler Phillips

biglon68 said...

Patsy, I'm from Kingsport and trying to put together info on our musical heritage. Who were the other two members of the Rainbow Valley Boys? Do you have a picture of L.C. Smith and his band? I'd love to see your pictures and talk to you about this music.