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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rockabilly Gold, Vol.1

Volume one from the 15-piece Rockabilly series of Lucky Records. This time, we have classic artists like Billy Barrix ("Cool Off Baby"), Marvin Rainwater ("Tennessee Houn' Dog Yodel"), Eddie Bond and the Stompers ("Flip Flop Mama") and Glen Honeycutt ("Rock All Night"). Also many lesser known songs are featured. Front cover: Gene Watson and the Rockets.

Track listing:
1. Jim Foster and the Kountry Kut Ups - Ragroof Roadster
2. Joey Castle - That Ain't Nothin' But Right
3. Jimmy Patton - Yah, I'm Movin'
4. Lucky Wray - Music She Says
5. Val Volk and the Volk Brothers - The'll Be A Rockin' Party
6. Dick Hiorns, Jimmy Sun and the Radiants - I'm Movin' On
7. Sone Cole and the Rhythm Roadsters - Robinson Crusoe Bop
8. Curtis Long - Going Out On The Town
9. Jack Guthrie - Okie Boogie
10. Junior Dean and the Avalons - Chick Chick
11. Jimmy Patton - Let Me Slide
12. Tyrone Schmidling - You're Gone But I'm Left
13. Jimmy Williams - Sonny Boy
14. Chuck Higgins - Too Smart
15. Billy Barrix - Cool off Baby
16. Gene Watson and the Rockets - Drummer Boy Rock
17. Marvin Rainwater - Tennessee Hound Dog Yodel
18. Hal Payne - Honky Tonk Stomp
19. Stoltz Brothers - Rock'n'Roll Riot
20. Jimmy Wagers - Heartbreakin' Love
21. Eddie Bond and the Stompers - Flip Flop Mama
22. Tommy Bell - Swamp Girl
23. Glen Honeycutt - Rock All Night
24. Gene Watson and the Rockets - My Rockin' Baby
25. David Orrell - Be My Baby
26. Larry Terry - Hep Cat
27. Wayne Worley and the Worley Birds - Red Headed Woman
28. Bill Allen - Please Give Me Something
29. Percy and the Rockin' Aces - She Don't Cry In Vain
30. Paul Seipp - Little Gray Shack


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