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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delmore Brothers day

Alton and Rabon Delmore, shortly called the Delmore Brothers, were of those duos who had success in the 1930s with their close harmony singing, but later developed their own style with hillbilly boogie songs, most famous their "Blues Stay Away From Me", which was covered in 1956 by the Johnny Burnette Trio. The Delmores were born in Alabama and began to perform at a young age. In the early 30s, they began to gain fame and soon got a recording contract with Columbia Records. During the decade, Alton and Rabon made regular appereances at the Grand Ole Opry and recorded with Fiddlin' Arthur Smith. In the 1940s, the brothers began to add harmonica, bass and steel guitar to their line-up and made the charts several time with their hillbilly boogie songs. Tragedy struck at their hey day: their only number one hit, "Blues Stay Away From Me", was issued one year before Rabon died. Alton began to drink and died in 1964.

Here are some of their good tunes, I love the Delmores:

1. Alabama Lullaby (1933)
2. Blues Stay Away From Me (1951)
3. I've Got The Kansas City Blues (around 1933)
4. Red Ball to Natchez

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