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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something about Earl Epps

Earl Epps is one of the most unknown names in rockabilly music. His "Be Bop Blues" is featured on only seven reissues, many of them are now out of print. Here's all I know:

Earl Epps started his career as a recording artist in Texas. In August, he released "Be Bop Blues" b/w "There's Two of Us Waiting" on the small Minor Record label, based in Houston, Texas. After this single, he disappeared for many years. Reportedly, he made some sides in the sixties on Olympic (one known title is called "Where I Draw The Line"), but there isn't more left on his career. Recently, Epps appeared as a regular performer on the Alvin Opry out of Alvin, TX. Although Epps seems to be alive, rockabilly researchers have failed to track him down, even if an image of him is posted on the Alvin Opry website.

Unfortunately, the Avin Opry management didn't want to tell me something about Earl Epps. They didn't answer me.

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Anonymous said...

There's a full story on Earl Epps in the American Music Magazine #124September 2010 issue, lots of pictures and a full discography.