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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miami Rockabilly review

The palm trees sway and the sun blazes down as these heat-crazed Elvises of the Everglades sweat their way through 32 rockabilly/rock'n'roll rarities.

That's a sentence on the rear of the CD. Miami Rockabilly always fascinated me and I was as happy as a little child when I got this recently. The tracks are a real explosion of rockabilly and rock'n'roll music. Ace Records has made a wonderful CD with a detailed booklet written by Rob Finnis.

The titles on this CD are awesome. At first, the CD is looking on some songs of Buck Trail and Tommy Spurlin with his cool sound. In the middle of the record, the groups of the late fifties began to rock. They have an explosive sound and hot guitar breaks. At the end, there are many doo-wop styled songs and also the maniac sides by Curley Jim. Best songs are "Hang Loose", "No Times for Heartaches", "Heart Throb" and "One-Eyed Sam" by Tommy Spurlin and the Southern Boys, "Any Way" by Wesley Hardin, "Lucky Day" and "Donny's Boogie" by the Rhythm Rockets, "Rockin' with Rosie" by Wally Deane and "Rock'n'Roll Itch" by Curley Jim.

Finally, there's only to say that this is one of the best rockabilly comps I've ever heard. You can get it at amazon.com or at amazon.de. I didn't want to post it here, because I don't want to hurt Ace Records' sales, but look over at the Rockabilly Ranch, maybe there's one...

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