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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sleepy LaBeef

A short time before christmas, we come along with a very rockin' day this time. Sleepy LaBeef was born in 1935 near Smackover, Arkansas. He made his first recordings in 1956 for Starday and had his first single out in early 1957. He was a part of the Louisiana Hayride and recorded such titles as "Little Bit More", "All The Time" or "I Ain't Gonna Take It No More". Later LaBeef made chart hits with Columbia ("Blackland Farmer") and charted again in 2000 with "Detour". LaBeef still rocks on to this day and makes concerts all over the world. For more Sleepy LaBeef stuff, I recommend the Bear Family CD "Sleepy Rocks" that came out in August 2008.

I compiled the following tracks from various sources:

1. Ring of Fire
2. Little Bit More
3. All The Time
4. Don't Make Me Go
5. Baby Let's Play House

1 comment:

Red Neckerson said...

I have seen Sleepy (The Human Jukebox) many times over the years. On his worst day he is better than the rest! He is genuine and real with no false pretenses or attitudes. He will leave you entertained and seems to do it effortlessly. I went to Sleepy's Homecoming in Smackover a few years back, Not a single Rockabilly song but a recounting of the songs he listened to growing up from Jimmie Rodgers to the Bailes Brothers with Some Hank and Ernest thrown in for good measure!