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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vernon Dalhart day

Every country fan knows Vernon Dalhart, but does every country fan know his music? I don't think so. Marion Try Slaughter, better known as Vernon Dalhart, was born in 1883 in Texas. He first earned his money as a cowboy and later on tried his luck in the music business. On Edison he released several well selling light opera songs, but turned to old-time in 1924. He hit very big with Henry Whitter's "Wreck of the Old '97", releasing the first million seller of what we today know as country music. Read more about Dalhart at his site: www.vernondalhart.com

Next week I will begin to post some christmas albums for you...

I compiled the following mp3-files from various sources:

1. Death of Floyd Collins
2. The Prisoner's Song (a later version with the german band "Kaplan's Melodists" in 1925)
3. Mollie Darling
4. The Wreck of the Old '97
5. My Blue Ridge Mountain Home (with Carson Robison)

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Anonymous said...

Paul si sinorina from Czech rep. 2.12.08. Here's a another good material- V E R N O N DALHART. The year 1923. Well done. Good.