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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From Boppin' Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly

"From Boppin' Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly" - one more box set from Proper Records' box-series. This 4-CD-collections contains country and some early rockabilly tracks from 1951 through 1955, which were basics for the later rockabilly boom. Many of them are pure country records from more unknown artists like Lee Bell ("Beatin' Out The Boogie On A Mississippi Mud"), Lou Graham ("Long Gone Daddy"), Red Smith ("Whoa Boy") or Barney Burcham ("Much Too Young For Love" & "Can't Steal My Way 'Round"). Featured are also prominent country stars like Hawkshaw Hawkins, Marvin Rainwater, Little Jimmy Dickens and the Maddox Brothers & Rose.

But what makes this set really worth buying it? Well, I think that's these tracks showing some great rockabilly moments and country boogie feelings: There are real hot rockabilly cuts from Elvis Presley ("Milkcow Blues Boogie", "Baby Let's Play House", "Mystery Train", "You're A Heartbreaker"), Sonny Fisher ("Rockin' Daddy", "Hey Mama", "Rockin' and a-Rollin'") and Chuck Murphy ("Rhythm Hall"). Cool country tracks are Johnny Cash's "Hey Porter" (more "Country Rock'n'Roll), Jimmy's & Johnny's "Sweet Singing Daddy", all of Sid King's songs, Andy Starr's "Dig Them Sqeaky Shoes" and Roy Hall's "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On", later on a hit for Jerry Lee Lewis.

Some more good tracks are:

1. Jess Willard - "Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor"
2. Ramblin' Tommy Scott - "Cat Music"
3. Reece Shipley - "Hillbilly Jive With a Boogie Beat"
4. Carl Perkins - "Gone Gone Gone"
5.Rudy Grayzell - "It Ain't My Baby (and I ain't Gonna Rock It)"
6. Buck Griffin - "One Day After Pay Day"
7. Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker - "Love Me"
8. Malcom Yelvington - "A Gal Named Joe"

Get it here (german)
or here (english)


Duncanmusic said...

Iam looking for any and all of the recordings by Lois Johnson who recorded for Epic & MGM in the 50s & 60s (hope that is correct)..
I am doing this for a lady who is tyerminal and would like to rexperience music that obviously meant a lot to her when she was young. Any help would be appreciated and give pleasure to someone with a limited time to enjoy these sides.
I don;t think there were a lot of Lois Johnson recordings. I saw them posted SOMEWHERE during the last 3-5 months and can't seem to find out where I saw them.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Mellow said...

Sorry to say, but I didn't post any Louis Johnson records. Maybe you will find more help with other bloggers (look at my list). Sorry again, I can't help. Greetings,