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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tommy Spurlin - Hang Loose chords

Friends, last evening I was playing with my guitar and while I played I was listening to Tommy Spurlin's "Hang Loose". I tried to play the song on my guitar and see... now I know the chords. I think tabs and chords of this song are really rare, so I like to post them here:


(E) Hang loose I gotta rock, hang loose I gotta roll

Hang loose I got to rock just to satisfy my (A) soul

Hang loose I gotta (B7) rock, hang loose I gotta (E) roll

Verse 1:
Well I learned to rock down on the farm
Known how to roll ever since I was born
No trouble for me 'cause I'm a cool cat
I hit the bottle everytime I go to bed

(E)Hey go I gotta rock, don't you know I gotta roll

Hang loose I got to go just to satisfy my (A) soul

Hang loose I gotta (B7) rock, Hang loose I gotta (E) roll

Verse 2:
Well my favorite pass-time
Is to get myself a nickel or a dime
Slip it in the jukebox machine
Grab me a kitten in tight blue jeans

Guitar solo - then play the whole thing again

At the beginning you have to play E but only play the first three strings to get a "rusty" sound. I don't really know what Jimmy Slade, the lead guitarrist, plays in his solo, but I'd like to find it out and then I'll post it. Enjoy!

1 comment:

crafty diane said...

You have one of the lines wrong. It should be "I hit the ball every time I go to bat" not "I hit the bottle every time I go to bed"! I am Tommy Spurlin's neice and so know this is the way it should be!