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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Classic Rockabilly

Classic Rockabilly is a box set from Britain's Proper Records, the answer to the German Bear Family. A high-quality booklet informs about the artist. Every musician had a biography in this booklet (written by Adam Komorowski) and the discography part tells us of the locations where the songs were made, the date, the back-up musicians and the record number. Some of these songs are very rare and hard to find like the "Tom Cat Boogie" (Lynn Pratt), "Tennessee Rock" (Hoyt Scoggins), "Be Bop Blues" (Earl Epps) or "Hot Hot Mama" (Jimmy Stayton). Most of the tracks were made in 1956 and are really rockabilly, but this box also includes titles which ain't really rockabilly. There are some country numbers: Denver Duke & Jeffrey Null with "Rock and Roll Blues", Jimmy Swan with "Catin' [!] Around", Hardrock Gunter's "Fiddle Bop" or Justin Tubb with "I Gotta Go Get My Baby". Some mainstream rock'n'roll records are also featured: Baker Knight's "Bring My Cadillac Back" (but very awesome!) or Dick Lory with "Ballroom Baby", also an excellent rocker.

This four CDs are really exciting to hear. Ev'ry fan of rockabilly music should have this one. Great music, and great information. Best tracks are:

Bobby Lord - "Everybody's Rockin' But Me"
Hal Willis "Bop-A-Dee Bop-A-Doo"
Ray Harris - "Come On Little Mama" (the very raw alternate version)
Bill Flagg - "Go Cat Go"

At this moment, I haven't found a rapidshare file, so here are links to buy it: Amazon (English) or Amazon (German)
Maybe, I will post a free download the next time.

1 comment:

the family cat said...

Don't you just love these sort of profound lyrics like "Hey bop a deely bop a dee bop a dee"
Says more to me than any amount of Deep Soul